The joy of upcycling with Madame B's Boutique

If my paati (grandmother) knew that I would be interviewing and writing about upcycled clothing, she'd be the most excited reader. I got...

Breaking the invisible upper limit

Ever accomplish something that you're proud of and then get this thought, "It can't get better any than this!"?

How to competitively market sustainability?

Photo by Margot RICHARD on Unsplash When you see a product that says "eco-friendly", "fair-trade", "cruelty-free", do you choose it over...

Gratitude is fun because

No one can be told to be grateful, they should feel it. But surely can be asked to daydream.

The law of averages

The common advice to develop craftsmanship is "quality over quantity". This lacks depth because quality is directly proportional to quantity

Paralysed by indecisiveness?

Indecisiveness starts small and bleeds into other areas in life. What to wear today, what to cook, whether to meet friends tonight or not?

Inspiration and ideas require respect

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic". Ideas are our partners. We do not create them, they collaborate with us.

Conversations with self

Just a rant. A flood of thoughts which jump from one topic to another.

Efficiency — Resilience balance

When you see "efficient", do you pause to think whether it's necessarily better? Or by default, is it "more efficient = better"?

Ones who love us never really leave us

My idea of an afterlife is muddled up. But a recent experience reinforced my belief towards the idea that the ones who love us never really

The power of "No"

Do you struggle with being assertive when you have to refuse someone? Where can you start?

Sustainability in Tamil Culture

Photo source The Tamil equivalent word for sustainability is not frequently used in conversations. Similar to the word, the concept also...

Imposter or not?

Ever doubt yourself or your abilities despite your accomplishments? Do you have a perpetual fear of being exposed as a fraud?

Women who inspire me

A room full of people, this one person walks in and makes all heads turn. Strong and inspiring women can never go unnoticed. I have...