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How Cinderella inspired me to manifest my dreams

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

"A dream is a wish your heart makes." - Cinderella

Do your dreams and goals reside within constraints? Or do you like to be outlandish with your dreams?

I'm a fan of the latter, and who better than Cinderella could teach us about this. She has taught me that there is no such thing as foolishly optimistic dreams.

I'm not sure of the tools she used to manifest her dreams. I suspect she had a secret vision board and dream journal. But she certainly visualised and vocalised her dreams.

Her path to manifestation

After her father's death, Cinderella was forced to be a servant in her own house, by her stepmother. She was a traumatised and emotionally tormented. Despite all, she did not let the dream of being free, die within her.

She yearned to escape her stepmother's tyranny and experience freedom. Every day, she woke up singing her dream as a song. This was her reminder and reassurance.

When her stepmother makes it impossible for her to go the ball that she longed to go to, her fairy godmother enables her to go.

Who is this fairy godmother?

Turning a pumpkin into a carriage, mice into horses is a depiction of Cinderella's resourcefulness. When time is scarce, finding a solution is her quick thinking. The story is sprinkled with fairy dust and made to appear magical, but in essence, her fairy godmother is nothing but an incarnation of Cinderella's qualities resourcefulness, quick thinking and empathy.

So, it’s not all dreams either. She believed in her dreams and worked a way out. She didn't lose hope when things seem impossible and resign to the situation.

Finally, she thwarted her stepmother and found a new life by her means. She isn't a damsel in distress who waited for someone else to rescue her from despair. She seized the opportunity to be free and made it happen.

This story has little to do with the prince or royalty. These are merely symbols of her liberation.

Why are you telling me fairy tales? I'm a grown-up.

Unless you let your imagination to wander wild, you can never truly realise your potential. Even if you achieve 70% of your grandest dreams, it would be more satisfying than achieving 100% of your safely envisioned dreams.

When all seems lost, recall your strengths and see how you can play to them. Let these traits be your guiding light, your fairy godmother.

Who wondered that there would be so many practical lessons to learn from a fairy tale! Bedtime stories are not only to kindle our imagination but also to take valuable lessons from it.

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