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The law of averages

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The common advice to develop craftsmanship is "quality over quantity". This idea lacks depth because 'quality', in many cases, is directly proportional to 'quantity'.

Whether it is content writing, photography, dance, music, sales, or getting hired, competence develops with frequency. You bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, with repetition.

The law of averages states "the likelihood of certain events evens out if the frequency is increased".

During group dance choreography sessions, it takes 30 hilarious and hideous ideas before we come up with a good one. When we're making bizarre suggestions, we know we're nearing the good ones. Never refrain from going wild with your ideas. If you limit yourself to creating only high-quality work, you are holding yourself back from the best work you can do.

In fundraising, it takes 100 rejections before I interact with one kind soul who is willing to contribute to the cause. Especially if the nature of work is unpredictable, and a lot is left to luck, the one thing within your control is to try as many times as you can.

Maximise the number of chances you take. The good ones take time to come, but they come only when you have had your share of rejection/failure/disappointing results. It takes patience and persistence to get the best results.

This in no way discounts thoughtful work. Instead, it suggests that if quantity is emphasised, quality will follow suit.

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